Steps to setup L4Android on Pandaboard

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On 13.03.2013, at 07:15, Jayaprakash Govindaraj wrote:

> This is Jayaprakash, I am a PhD student at IIIT Delhi. I am required to setup two virtual phones on a mobile phone, I would like to do this first on Pandaboard ES ( I have been searching for the steps to be followed and came across lots of information and found it was difficult to follow. Requesting for your guidance to setup virtual phones on Pandaboard.

Before dealing with the serious stuff you should start by getting a simple setup such as 'hello' running on the Pandaboard. That way you can make yourself familiar with the toolchains and workflows.

Then you should consider that there is a lot of tedious work to be done. What are your plans for the display? You will need to write a framebuffer driver. You'll also need a driver for the HDMI interconnect. How do you want to handle input? A driver for GPIO is also needed most likely.


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