l4android boot fails for page-fault

longjks longjks at 163.com
Wed Jun 19 15:38:52 CEST 2013

I am using l4android3.5 to boot Android 4.0.4, However, Android can not boot rightly for some page-fault,
Here is the log:
!WARN: vold: Page-fault above task size: pfa=ffff00c0 pc=b7b07758 TASK_SIZE: bfc00000
!0: ffff00b4 00000005 00000000 ffff00b4  4: b7b33004 00000005 00000004 0000ab1c
!8: b0012fa8 b7b36000 00050000 b7af1000 12: 00000000 bf908410 b0003a43 b7b07758
!CPSR: 40000130 Err: 0041000f
Any guys have some idea for solving this problem?
You can see the whole log in the attachment.

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